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Use VPN to keep yourself invisible

Guidance to achieve online security

Stay invisible

When you go online to the internet you also leak some information about yourself. If you wish to remain invisible online, whether, for privacy concerns or simply to avoid being bothered by others, you may accomplish so in a few simple steps.

Always use the private tab or incognito mode while browsing.

Use VPNs and Proxy Servers.

Never use personal contact on the internet.

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Digital Security

Your privacy matters

Anyone on the internet can access whatever data you share on the internet. So, it’s critical to recognize that if you desire privacy in real life, you must conceal your internet actions.

Limit your social media status

Secure your digital devices

Use high-quality antivirus software

Always maintain digita privacy

How it works

How to do secure commercial transaction

After the pandemic online transaction becomes very normal globally. But this is the time most fraudulent commercial activities took place. These include clean fraud, account takeover, triangulation fraud, affiliate fraud, merchant fraud, identity fraud, and reshipping. So always be careful while purchasing anything digitally. Some tips to do secure transactions are

Read some advanced tips to secure Transacion

Secure Connection

Always be careful with the URL address of the site. If the address includes https:// then it can be considered safe.

Trusted Brands

Don’t purchase goods only to save some amount of money also care which brand is selling that good. Only purchase stuffs with trusted and popular brands.

Prefer digital wallets rather than cards

Don’t use a debit card for online commercial activities if it is necessary then use a credit card. If there is any payment option with a wallet then use a digital wallet.

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